Welcome to learn maths through video games!

angrybirds-maths ( source: http://emiranda.com.br/teaching/pucmg/2015/01/lpoo/images/demo/slides/angrybirds.png )Do you already know Scratch? Do you want to learn maths while you develop video games? Come to see the Play2Learn project!

Start following this “Welcome” activity to be prepared for more missions!

  1. Open the “Welcome” activity in a new tab and follow the slides, you’ll be able to program within Snap! environment in a few minutes
  2. Perform all the steps including the “Mission report” (the last “Bonus” challenges are optional)
  3. Review the following checklist: (Assure yourself that you know all the topics)
    1. I know how to allow your browser to open links from P2L activities.
    2. I know how to access the P2L main web page.
    3. I know which steps a P2L activity has.
    4. I know how to switch among presentation and development modes.
    5. I know how to program a sprite to move 20 units.
    6. I know the names of the different Snap! interface areas.
    7. I know how to upload an image as a costume.
    8. I know how to save your program in Snap!
    9. I know why a SVG image is better than a PNG image when zooming in.
  4. Continue with another mission.

Good luck!  ; )





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