Play2Learn with Snap! for teachers

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You can have a look to this introduction to Snap!

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Project description

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Have a look to Play2Learn with Snap! for students.


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Under construction: See this list with screenshots at student’s page.

Introduction to the environment

  1. Welcome Pack: introduction to Play2Learn (P2L) activities and Snap! environment (activity, Snap! official page, BJC curricular course, Snap! manual, Computer Science videos)
  2. Mole Mash: learn how to share your Snap! creation, so others can play on their mobile phone or tablet (activity, video about random numbers, tutorial about sharing in Snap!, solution)

Math basics

  1. Catch the carrot: learn about coordinate systems to make a basic grid game (activity, MathIsFun, Geogebra material, solution)
  2. Opening Crawl: learn about linear functions to scroll a text (activity, Wikipedia article, Geogebra material, solution)

Graphics related

  1. Fractal cave: learn about fractals to create a landscape (activity, Wikipedia article, Snap! example, solution)
  2. Pie Match: learn about matrices and geometric transformations to fit a piece of pie in a pie (activity, article, Geogebra material, solution)
  3. Roll the dice: learn about projections using matrices to visualize 3D objects.

Physics Engine

  1. Arkanoid: learn about deflection angle to program a bouncing ball.
  2. The Frog: learn about distances and inequations to detect collisions.
  3. Basket ball: learn about quadratic functions to simulate a parabolic trajectory.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Phantoms: learn about graphs to use artificial intelligence (path planning).

Other stuff

  1. Top secret: learn about modular arithmetics to encrypt messages.
  2. Composer: learn about irrational numbers to create an infinite melody.


See Play2Learn with Snap! for students.


Do you want to contribute?

  • You can create new activities
  • You can draw vector images
  • You can send your sound creations
  • You can translate the activities to some other language
  • You can port the activities to Scratch

Send me an email: contacte