Play2Learn with Snap!

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You can have a look to this introduction to Snap!

There is a Play2Learn page for teachers.

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Project description

This project is targeted to people with previous experience using visual programming (ex. Scratch). You may have a look to this Hour of Code using Snap! to have a gentle introduction to Snap!.


Under construction:

Introduction to the environment

  1. Welcome Pack: introduction to Play2Learn (P2L) activities and Snap! environment.
  2. Mole Mash: learn how to share your Snap! creation, so others can play on their mobile phone or tablet.

Math basics

  1. Catch the carrot: learn about coordinate systems to make a basic grid game.
  2. Opening Crawl: learn about linear functions to scroll a text.

Graphics related

  1. Fractal cave: learn about fractals to create a landscape.
  2. Pie Match: learn about matrices and geometric transformations to fit a piece of pie in a pie.
  3. Roll the dice: learn about projections using matrices to visualize 3D objects.

Physics Engine

  1. Arkanoid: learn about deflection angle to program a bouncing ball.
  2. The Frog: learn about distances and inequations to detect collisions.
  3. Basket ball: learn about quadratic functions to simulate a parabolic trajectory.

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Phantoms: learn about graphs to use artificial intelligence (path planning).

Other stuff

  1. Top secret: learn about modular arithmetics to encrypt messages.
  2. Composer: learn about irrational numbers to create an infinite melody.


license-creative-common-ccbyActivities developed by:

We are in the process of adding “Credits screens” to all activities, detailing where all the art and sound came from. Meanwhile, these have been the sources: